Tuesday, March 8, 2011

3,2,1 Ignition

NOS Femsa ingition purchased, I could have gone with a modern digital ingintion but I kinda like this old school ingition, so far...

The new flywheel is lapped in.

No need to overdo it, just get a smooth surface all around.

Now mount everything up and set the breaker gap. According to the manual it should be 0,40-0,45mm but according to people that raced theese bikes back in the day 0,30-0,35mm is a better choice. I set the gap to 0,35mm

Set piston at TDC

Line up degree wheel, I used a steel wire as pointer.

Back the engine 22 degrees. This equals 3,5mm on the indicator clock. At this point the breakers should just start to open, either use an ohm-meter or do as i did and use the thin plastic foil from a pack of cigarettes inserted between the breakers and feel when they start to open. To adjust the point of opening you turn the ingition plate back or forward, patience is a must.

When the timing is right I mark the location with a punch and use some medium strong loctite on the screws.

Finally the flywheel is tighted to 60Nm.

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