Saturday, January 25, 2014

Placement of parts.

This frame was originally made for a small 2-stroke engine but so far everything has lined up, the carb on the other hand was not easy to fit. I will have to be mounted further away and with a slight upwards angle in order to clear the frame tubing. Note my low tech intake adapter.
I like natural materials but it will be replaced later on with an aluminium one.

Another low tech method, since the carb will be relocated the oem airfilter will not fit anymore, K&N  has a good website with all measurements of the different filters. I want to use a filter as large as possible so i made a dummy out of paper.

Tight fit.

Coolers and hoses loosely fitted

Left exhaust fitted.

Right exhaust fitted, it will be a tight fit.
The next step will be to mount the steering stem and triple clamps back to check if it will clear the tank and coolers, then weld in new brackets for the coolers and start to fabricate the head pipes.

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  1. Nice blog, I'm an husqvarna fan too (mostly 83-85), will come back to see progress, bye