Monday, January 31, 2011

In the begining...

Husqvarna CR 400 found by me in Åsele, a small town in the northern part of Sweden.
 Forward tilted shocks, reinforced swingarm and plastic fenders. Engine not original 1969 model.

Works aluminium tank

MG 3056 Sold 24/4 1969 Katrineholm Sweden, first owner unknown.

This Husqvarna is actually registered for road use.

Another Husqvarna CR 400.
 found by me outside Finspång Sweden.

This bike is also in need of some serious work. Engine turns over and has matching 1969 number. Some modification done to the frame and tank is missing.

MG 2695 Sold 27/2 1969 Tibro Sweden.
First owner turned out to be Rune Isaksson, serious racer from Tibro MK.

Rune back in the day.

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