Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Engine rebuild part 2 (Top end MG 2695)

Cylinder sealing surface lapped in against cylinder head with grinding paste.

Cylinder original bore, just got a light honing.

Max piston ring groove clearence is 0,15mm.

New piston ring mounted, measured 0,5mm.

C = Max piston ring end gap 0,8mm

Piston ring end gap 0,7 mm. still within specs.

Piston to cylinder clearence is 0,15 mm. Wear limit 0,30 mm.

No wear on piston pin.

81,42 original size piston.

This is a used piston but all measurements are within specs and it looks good so it will have to do another tour of duty.

All parts ready for assembly.

Piston mounted.

Cylinder mounted.

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